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Drive home with lots of Today's Country and the Trivia Test at 3:35 every weekday afternoon for some great prizes. Get the lowdown on all the stars with Hot Celebrity Gossip at 4:35! On top of that, Mark mixes comedy and country weekday afternoons at 5 with the 5 O'clock Funnies. And be ready to party at 5 O'clock, 'cause it's HAPPY HOUR!





  • Joined 97.3 The Eagle: March 1999.
  • Hometown: Philadelphia...miss those cheese steaks! Now I live in VB, where the seafood is plentiful.
  • Favorite Artists: Keith Urban (man, can he play a guitar), Martina McBride (could sing the Yellow Pages and sound great), and Pat Green, one of the best live acts around (ask any Texan).
  • Favorite Artist I've Met: Clay Walker. If a nicer guy exists, I've yet to meet him. Ditto for Joe Diffie and Vince Gill.
  • Favorite Food: Italian, Mexican, whatever's on the plate. Do I look like a miss many meals?
  • Favorite TV Show: Since "Sports Night" was cancelled (get the DVD's!), it's gotta be"24"
  • Family: I was raised by apes...still mad they didn't ask me to play "Tarzan" in the new WB series! Seriously, I married my best friend, Christi, in September of 2000. No kids yet.
  • Favorite Moment in Radio: A few years back after a Tim McGraw concert, I got a call on the station hotline from Tim McGraw! At first, I didn't believe him...almost didn't put him on the air. Close second: meeting Garth on the USS Enterprise.



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