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Karen's Message

Jan 21, 2015 -- 4:00pm

I have no idea how this is going to be taken. I hope it is with positivity and love. But I know that in the heat of the moment tempers flare. I also know that some people have their minds made up and no matter what you say, it'll be wrong.  With that in mind, I am not expecting any particular outcome.  I will just say what's in my heart and hope for the best...and accept all input peacefully. 

First of all, Jimmy Ray & Jen ARE my friends. I've known and loved them for 20+ years. I am heartbroken.  One shouldn't expect that this would not affect me as well. Another dramatic change in my life, as if I could stand one more right now. 

Many of you know that in my personal life, I've been through many sad endings, including the loss of both of my grandparents this past year. I've lost eight family members in under 10 years. EIGHT.  I am blessed that Jimmy Ray & Jen, along with the rest of my Eagle family, were such a huge emotional support unit while I went through so many mourning periods. One thing I have learned through all of this is that the only thing that is constant in this world is change. We either learn from it and allow it to strengthen us, or allow it defeat us. With God's grace and the love and kind words from my friends, I'm still standing.

Captain "Sully" Sullenberg was the guest speaker at the St. Jude seminar I attended this past weekend. His life completely changed in 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Can you imagine????  It still astounds me!  But the 3 minutes and 28 seconds that had the potential to either kill him or destroy him emotionally turned into something absolutely, unbelievably amazing. A brand new life!  And something he said stood out for me. Either change, or be forced to change.  He could have allowed the PTSD he suffered to control the rest of his life....rendering him angry, anxious and immobile, or he could embrace what happened as an opportunity to grow spiritually. Before I saw him speak at the seminar, all I knew was "hero", "saved people", "Captain Calm."  I admired him for having it all together. However, his story was quite different.  Rather earth shattering, actually.  He was totally afraid for 155 souls.  He had so many decisions to make in that one moment, yet preparing to die at the same time. It boggles the mind to even imagine it.  We only saw the end result. We have no idea the magnitude of the anxiety that plagued everyone aboard, especially Captain Sully. In less than 2 seconds, he had to come up with a message for his passengers that would explain much in just a few words. "This is your captain speaking. Brace for impact."  Those words now hold more meaning for me than just one...

I imagine God saying, "This is your Father speaking.  Brace for change."

Captain Sully reaffirmed hope and divine guidance to my already broken heart. I had no idea how much I would need his words on Monday morning. But sad endings are often wonderful new beginnings in disguise. I truly believe this. As heartbroken as I am about this change, what hasn't changed is my love for Jimmy Ray & Jen.  And I know they are always there for me when I need them. We may not be working together anymore, but our bond did not depart with them, nor will it ever. I know that they are in good hands and will be enjoying some exciting new opportunities. 

The hard truth is nothing stays the same forever no matter how much we want it to. I believe if I approach all changes as best I can with love and grace, God will take care of me and lead me in His divine direction just as he led Captain Sully, and just as He will lead my friends.  Sometimes I kick and scream, but eventually I do let God take lead. Deep down, I want all He has for me no matter how much my flesh would want to resist change.  And if someday I should happen to leave not of my own choice, I would hope that no one would take it out on my friends who remain here, embrace the new person as it is not his or her fault, and send blessings for my exciting new future. THAT'S what I would want. I would want my friends to be happy and excited for me. To remain in faith that all good things come to those who love God. And to remain in contact with me. The last thing I would ever want is negativity.  Positive influence always motivates me to rise above anything that can be mistakenly taken as adversity.  Positive words encourage me to make positive decisions and positive changes.  I cannot deny how some negative events have had positive outcomes and had they not happened, many blessings would have not occurred.  But positive energy from those I love brings the blessings sooner. I love Jimmy Ray & Jen. I am going to miss them here, but one thing will never be lost. My connection to them. I am praying for them right now with everything I have in me. 

I'll wrap this up with some very beautiful words that I hold dear to my heart from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

Love & light,

Karen West 

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