Karen’s Krap

Best Ugly Holiday Sweater EVER!

But…of course…these are not the kind that Grandma would get you for Christmas, so you’ll have to go get ‘em yourself. I’ll take TWO please! 🙂

Why are we so addicted to Hallmark Christmas Movies?

Believe it or not, I asked that very question to my friend yesterday. I mean, really! They’re cheesy and we know it. They have virtually the same plot and we know it. But for some reason, we can’t seem to drag ourselves away from them at this time of year. Amirite? Or am I the only one?

Maybe the bigger question should be what kind of chocolate goes with Hallmark Christmas Movies? Oh I knowwwwwww the answer to that one.

All of it.

Christmas Story Fans!

The Deranged Easter Bunny pajamas are for sale just before the holidays. Stay warm and toasty in this pink nightmare while celebrating good tidings and joy with the family. They may want to have a couple of egg nogs first, tho.

BTW, saw a guy walking around the store wearing his. Guess he couldn’t wait. Haha!

Christmas Prince! Part 2!

I watched the original last year on Netflix. Yes, I know it’s cheesy. Yeah, the acting is kinda bad. Yeah, same plot as every other romantic Christmas movie, but gosh darn it! I LOVE them! It gets me in the Chriss-massy mood!

TOMORROW, November 20th…Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding! Gotta get my snacks and wash my fuzzy pajamas!

I know I’m not the only one.

It’s Never Too Early

So my daughter says, “it’s too early for pumpkin spice lattes in August but it’s not too early for Christmas movies in October?”

And I said to her…”priorities.”

This was me all day yesterday!

Ever had one of those days when nothing went right and you just didn’t care? You were just meh right were you were? Haha! Yeah, me too.  What do I do?  Reach for the remote and watch romantic comedies and call it a day.  And there might be wine & chocolate.  #Winning

Labor Day Weekend Plans!

So, what are YOUR plans this holiday weekend? Mine will be completely lazy, I promise you with absolutely no regrets. Haha! Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

My New Hero!

I think the world knows I hate to cook, but I love seafood. This lady gets my utmost respect for her efforts at steaming crabs for the first time. She definitely deserves that beer!

Too soon?

I’m not that girl who can’t wait for pumpkin spice season. As a matter of fact, I’m not really a fan unless it’s in pie and even then, I only want it during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

But this? Is a game changer. I’d try it. I mean, I don’t even think I’d have to wait until turkey day.  And if I don’t like it, I’ll never have it again.  Simple as that.  Problem is, I may not get to try it any time soon.  I have friends all over Hampton Roads looking for it or something similar to it close to home. No luck. So, if you happen to run across any, let us know where to get it!

When in doubt, go to the source!

Yeah, yeah. It’s that whole Yanny vs Laurel thing again. But this time, let’s hear it from the source. Is it Yanny or Laurel?

Happy first day of MAY!!!!

Even though I know this is a fake tweet, it sure had me laughing out loud this morning after being totally inundated with the “it’s gonna be May” memes all day yesterday.

Avengers! Yay? Or Nay?

I caught a matinee of the Avengers INFINITY War yesterday. Without spoiling anything, all I can say is that I am unsure how I feel about it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t totally love it either. Perhaps because I was fresh off of enjoying the brotherly love and fun of Thor: Ragnarok and the powerful message of love and unity from Black Panther, I believe I was hoping for more of the same. I may see the movie again. Simply because I do have some theories as to what’s in store for the next installment due next year. But I think I’ll wait for video this time. How about you?

Two Guys Without A Clue

As Reba recently joked at the ACMs, “it takes one woman to do the job of two men.” True in this case too! Haha!

Good Friday

WIshing you and your family and friends a blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend.

With love,