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Miranda Lambert talks about why she loves being apart from Blake Shelton in Redbook

Jan 08, 2013 -- 7:04pm

Miranda Lambert graces the cover of Redbook again...this time for the February issue where it's all love!


Since February is all about Valentine's Day, Miranda had to talk about hubby Blake Shelton.  She revealed she actually likes it when they go a while without seeing each other saying, "I love it. This time I hadn't seen him in 11 days, and he was just so happy when I got here, it was like [she makes an angels-singing voice] 'Ahh, you're here.' When I go to The Voice set and everyone says, 'Blake's been talking about you so much,' it just makes me feel special, you know?"

If you happen to run into the two of them out together don't be suprised if Miranda tries to keep her man all to herself, ""I'm more protective. He's the sweetest guy. Like, he will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone. And if I don't stop it at some point, it ruins our whole night. I have to be the bad guy. The people are like, 'Oh, God, don't mess with her, she'll murder people.'"

The new issue of Redbook hits stands on Jan 15 with more pics and interviews with Miranda.



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