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Trending Today: 7 year old brings home a "totally legit" note from school

Apr 21, 2017 -- 11:24am

Hmm I don't think mom fell for this note her son brought home from school from his teacher!

Totally legit note I got from my 7yo's school today

Viral Ice Cream Eating Squirrel has babies!

Apr 21, 2017 -- 11:12am

Remember Putter?  The ice cream eating squirrel who went viral?


Well it turns out there was a good reason she was craving ice cream...she was pregnant!

Check the new little putters who are waiting for their ice cream cones!

The owners of the shop are asking for name suggestions Popular names so far have been “Nutter and Butter” and “Henry and Elene.”  Vote for your favorites here

Viral Photo Proves Someone's Grandma Is Basically Scarlett Johansson's Lookalike

Apr 19, 2017 -- 1:30pm

Thanks to a photo post from Reddit user, it appears that ScarJo may have found a doppelgänger...a grandmother!  

The photo has gone viral today after @Denverjoel shared the old photo.  Now users are commenting saying we are going to need a recent photo now to see what Scarlett is going to look like in the future!  Yes!!

Also,is it just me or does the guy in the picture kinda look like Ryan Gosling too??






Aww Lee Brice shares video of his baby girl kicking!

Apr 19, 2017 -- 1:28pm

Feel Good Story: Veteran carries a woman across the Boston Marathon finish line

Apr 19, 2017 -- 9:37am

U.S. Army National Guard veteran Earl Granville, who lost his leg when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, carried a woman across the finish line of the Boston Marathon!

New Mom April the Giraffe kicks a vet right in well...a very sensitive area [VIDEO]

Apr 18, 2017 -- 11:33am

April is very protective of her beautiful son, as many new mothers are wont to be. Unfortunately, her trusted veterinarian happened to attempt to feed and care for her precisely when she did not want to be bothered, and so April kicked him square in the stones.

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