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Viral photo: Man finds ashes, memorable message in bottle

May 02, 2016 -- 10:38am

A man walking along the beach in Nova Scotia found a memorable message in a bottle with a unique twist...it was tequila bottle filled with a deceased man's ashes!

The man, named Gary Robert Dupuis, was born in 1954 and, according to the note, his favourite shot was tequila, straight up – which may explain why the ashes were in a liquor bottle. 
“Gary lived a very fast and reckless life in his younger years, but slowed down and dreamed of travelling the world in his golden years,” the note reads. “If you find him, please take this money, buy yourself and Gary a drink, and release him back into the ocean. My wish is that he gets his dream of seeing the world and finally finds some peace."


ICYMI: Now You Can Get Pizza in a Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza [PIC]

May 02, 2016 -- 10:33am

A Brooklyn pizza joint Vinnie’s Pizzeria has created a pizza box that’s made out of pizza and become an internet hero. 

The restaurant is encouraging customers ordering the box to pick up their order rather than have it delivered. They’re still trying to figure out the best way to deliver the pizza without using an actual box and thus defeating the whole point.

Tiny Hummingbird Falls In Love With The Dog Who Saved Her

Apr 29, 2016 -- 10:45am

An incredible story of rescue!  Rex the dog was living on the streets as a stray, but that all changed last year after he was rescued and adopted into a loving home. Now, Rex is paying that kindness forward.  While out on a walk Rex and his owner spotted a hummingbird on the ground, covered in ants. Rex's owner, Ed Gernon, says he thought that the bird was dead but Rex refused to walk away and he realized the tiny bird was still alive so he took it home and nursed it back to life.

Well the hummingbird was so grateful it's apparantly "developed a total crush on Rex" — preferring never to leave his side. "Wherever he was, she wanted to be close by"


"She even started bathing in his water bowl, killing time while he ate before she'd start playing with him again. So strange, but amazing."

"I rescue this dog. He rescues the bird," Gernon told this news station. "The bird rescues all of us in a weird sense and it's just a miracle."

Read more here

Gatorade Releases Heartwarming Peyton Manning Commercial [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2016 -- 10:27am

Viral Video: Man has pizza delivered...to a moving train!

Apr 27, 2016 -- 4:38pm

The guy has become an internet hero after he live tweeted his attempt to have pizza delivered to him...on a moving train.



6-Year-Old Son Does Mom's Makeup [VIDEO]

Apr 26, 2016 -- 10:25am

6-year-old boys Noah and Ben have held the internet captive with their adorable makeup tutorial.

Who can resist an adorable little boy saying, "I can make you look beautiful, Mommy."??

Mom says the make-up tutorial went "ask expected" but no matter how wrong the tutorial turned out to be Noah and Ben have won the hearts of the internet with words like, "Now we're gonna do a wing," and "We're going to be doing a bit of a contour"




Mom, by the way, says it took two hours to was the make-up off. Watch the full viral video:

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