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These Firefighters Did the Cutest Thing for a Local Woman's 100th Birthday!

Jun 28, 2016 -- 11:37am

It's not every day that you turn 100 years old — and the firefighters of Norfolk, Virginia wanted to make sure that local woman Jeanette Carty had a centennial birthday she'd never forget.

I LOVE this!!! and the story has gone viral too!! How cool!!  Click here

Moment of Aww: Adopted cat tracks down her elder owner after she was sent to a nursing home

Jun 28, 2016 -- 11:04am

Trending Today: George H.W. Bush politely shoots down 5-year-old's case for him to eat broccoli

Jun 27, 2016 -- 1:34pm

Just because George H.W. Bush isn't the president any more, it doesn't mean you can get him to eat broccoli. Even if you're an adorable 5-year-old trying to make your case for benefits of the vegetable.

Trending: Kid's epic death stare steals the show at baseball game

Jun 27, 2016 -- 1:00pm

when the ESPN camera trained its unblinking eye on a freckle-faced young fan, and the young fan stared back with an equally unblinking gaze. While Coastal Carolina may have triumphed over TCU with a 7-5 victory, this kid was the real winner of the night. 

Moment of Aww Captured: Gas Station Clerk Dances With Senior

Jun 27, 2016 -- 12:59pm

A sweet moment of kindness captured between an older woman and a gas station clerk is putting smiles on the faces of thousands of people around the world. It all started when an older woman stopped by a Nova Scotia, Canada gas station and made an unusual request. She didn’t need help with her car. She just wanted to dance.

Feel Good Story of the Day: Powerball Winners Build A Fire Station For Small Town, Keep Winning

Jun 27, 2016 -- 12:57pm

These Powerball winners took their $136 million dollars and put it towards helping their community...now THAT is winning!

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