Carly Quinn


I’m Carly Quinn! Born and raised in the Steel City. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania……City of bridges (or so I thought until I got to Norfolk, Virginia Beach area! Haha!!!  I’m a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan. My husband and I love having bonfires and company over and we have 4 kids together, before I got into radio  18 years ago I was a flight attendant soooooo I’m

Always talking and chatting people up, just who I am! I’m always up for an adventure, the first one up and the last to go to bed! So bring on the next adventure and I’m ready for it!

I’ve worked with St. Jude and the Ronald McDonald house for over 18 years now, and I’m passionate about “No Kid Hungry” because I know what it’s like to not have a meal every day while growing up.

Cash and I will be on 973 The Eagle weekdays 5-10!! Listen in and if we don’t change your life we can at least make you laugh ever morning!!!!

To butter dish or to butter tub???

The votes are in……people are picking a tub of butter over a butter dish??? Why???? What do you choose? My grandma always said to use the real stuff, thoughts? Cash has just admitted to using spray butter

Vegan Burrito???

Thinking I’m going to start eating healthier and according to @carrieunderwood she swears by Sweet Earth Big Sur breakfast burrito, Cash and I are going to pick a week and do this…..let’s see what happens….feel free for any ideas, (perhaps an invite for a vegan meal) hahahaha 🙂