Jason Momoa Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore!

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Jason Momoa anymore, he goes and shaves his beard for the environment.

but some people are having a hard time coming to terms with it

So long beard, hope to see you again someday.

Randy Houser Opens Up About His Social Anxiety To Fans

Randy Houser opened up about dealing with social anxiety to fans in a series of tweets You’ve been on my mind. I don’t say it often enough I’m quite sure. I just feel like I need to say how much you all mean to me. I know I’m not the most accessible artist out there…

Getting ready for our move….

Moving this weekend from our Extended Stay and into our apartment in Town Center……..it will be such a nice feeling to get out of a one room place and into our first home here in Hampton Roads 🙂 Looking forward to checking out all of the great shops and restaurants……. https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a26872644/cauliflower-parmesan-recipe/?fbclid=IwAR0awqdnA7nzek0RTX6rG88Z46a_ZnoIwGUUNegfzL9-mLP-v5LKG2I4xpA thinking about making this…

The 1950’s Guide To Being A Great Housewife!

Check out the 1950’s guide to being a great housewife! I kick it old school. Chances are if I’m hanging at the house wasting time, you can find me watching either old school movies or television shows. Just the other day, I noticed how wrapped up I was in a Dragnet episode on the classic…

That Moment I Met Cash & Carly

The day that I learned that we were getting a new morning show, I wanted to find out everything I could about them. Are they good people? Are they fun? WOULD I APPROVE???? HAHA! No, seriously…would I approve? I’ve been in this business for a long time and one thing that really stands out to…

To butter dish or to butter tub???

The votes are in……people are picking a tub of butter over a butter dish??? Why???? What do you choose? My grandma always said to use the real stuff, thoughts? Cash has just admitted to using spray butter

Carrie Underwood And Keith Urban Showed Up For Kelsea Ballerini’s Big Night!

Kelsea Ballerini officially became the newest (and youngest) member of the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night! She wrote in a heartfelt post on Instagram last night I had the immeasurable honor of being inducted into the @opry as the newest, youngest member of the family. Opry, thank you for believing in me like you…

Cash & Carly Try Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Breakfast Burrito!

Cash & Carly try Carrie Underwood’s favorite vegan breakfast burrito. I love self-proclamations. For example, I’m the king of the world at “Saved By the Bell” trivia. Seriously, I’ve never lost and I’m still emulating the Zack Morris look at 36. Does anyone know where I can find some of those awesome converse high tops?…